Saturday, January 1, 2011

in (seclusion) - the debut

This blog was previously known as b. billy blog but I've barely been writing on the damn thing because who wants to make it all about themselves?

I mean some people like to make it all about themselves but I'm really not all that interesting.  There are, however, a handful of things that I'm pretty knowledgeable about (spelling is not one of them since I just spelled the word knowledgeable wrong but you'll never know it thanks to spell check).  (I then, apparently wrote the word spell check wrong too).  Anyway, as I was saying I am pretty knowledgeable about a handful of things so why not blog about those.


I can almost promise you that I know more about parking than you do.  Unless you're one of a handful of my coworkers.  I can tell you about parking theory and operations and enforcement and all manner of things about parking.  But...nobody wants to hear about parking.  Nobody even wants to think about parking.  So I'll leave that blog for a later day.


Okay.  There are many thousands of people that know more about writing than I do, but I do know quite a bit.  Problem is there are already hundreds of blogs about writing that are awesome and I really don't think I could bring any unique perspectives to the topic.  Oh, I'll occasionally write about writing.  What writer can stop himself from occasionally going there.  But mostly I'm going to try to relate it back to the topic of this blog which is:

I've probably spent more time than almost anyone on planet thinking about and writing about the idea of seclusion.  Sure there are researchers and sciency types (I guess I can't spell sciency correct either).  They may have devoted years of research on the topic, but I've clocked probably close to a million words on the subject and many, many hours thinking about it.  So, that's as good as I get at knowing about something to the point that it makes it worth it to blog every day about something.  That last sentence shows that I really don't know much about writing but there was this little disruption here at the coffee shop and it sucked away my intention and I really don't feel like going back to edit.

My Goal
Pretty simple really.  I want to be the first hit when you google the word seclusion.  Currently that honor belongs to Wikipedia.  I'll keep tracking my progress and give you occasional updates.

Peace out.